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NEW! GS 13 Wireless Programmer

  • Range up to 30-50 Ft. (9-15m)
  • Low Power 2.4GHz Radio (No FCC License Required)
  • WPA2 AES-128 Encrypted Transmission Protocol
  • Easy to use programming app.
  • Compatible with GS10 and GS20 Sensors.
  • Watertight and rugged polycarbonate enclosure.

GS 10/20 Underground Sensor

  • All Sensors Are Powered Using AA Ultimate Lithium Batteries
  • Sensors Are Designed For Long & Short Term Outdoor Deployment
  • Equipped With Internal Seismic And Magnetometer Sensors

GSE-1/ GSE-2 / GSE-3 PIR Underground Sensor Element

  • Single System Sensor; Seismic Or Magnetic
  • Cost Effective Solution For Specific Deployment Needs

GS-81 Programmer/Transceiver

  • Portable And Compact Set Up And Testing Tool For GS Sensors
  • Stores 256 Alarms In Non-Volatile Memory
  • Runs Off 7 Rechargeable Batteries

GS-40/50 Fixed Repeater

  • Rugged Weather Tight RF Relay Station
  • Designed For Use In Fixed Installation And Remote Areas
  • Multiple Programming Options

GS-72 Integrated Receiver Decoder

  • User Friendly Touch Screen
  • Designed And Constructed For Indoor Or Mobile Use
  • Browser Based Configuration of All Functions

GS-90 Mobile Monitor and Display

  • Designed And Constructed For Vehicle Use
  • Monitor And Display Are Housed Separately
  • Modular Construction Provides Systems Flexibility

GS-60 Portable Repeater

  • User Friendly Keypad And Display Interface
  • Easily Accepts External Power
  • Housing Is Rugged, Watertight, And Corrosion Resistant


  • Compatible With Vortex GS Sensors
  • Rugged UV Resistant NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Configured With The User Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)

GS Wireless Bridge

  • Range up to 1000ft (300m)

  • Low Power 900MHz Radio (No FCC License required.)

  • AES-128 Encrypted Transmission protocol

  • Peer to Peer setup completed with internal switches.

GS-100 Short-Range Passive Infrared

  • Miniature Telescope Design For Indoor Or Outdoor Use
  • Housed In Rugged All Weather, Water Resistance CPVC Case
  • Easily Deployed And Concealed

Curtain PIR

  • 500 ft. nominal detection range for personnel
  • Well-defined narrow field-of-view
  • Curtain coverage
  • Perimeter protection

View our entire product selection!

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