Vortex Systems

Remote Intrusion Detection Systems
For Law Enforcement, Military and Security Applications

Our systems feature remote sensors and transmitters that monitor a target area and track potential incidents. System notifications can be sent to a pager, phone or email address allowing you to determine the appropriate response. Learn more »

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Remote Location

Quickly and easily deploy sensor networks that act as a long term force multiplier for monitoring critical infrastructures and remote areas.

System deployments for local, state and federal applications are available.



Tracking Intrusions

Monitor suspect activity in your target area using an array of common devices including Google Maps, text messages, emails and pagers. Capture sensor activity over long periods of time for back up, analysis and reporting. Easily share data among departments and organizations.



Border Patrol

Upon detection, intrusion information is sent directly to patrol vehicles, operation centers or security forces. Each sensor location has a specific address for personnel to respond to that location or situation as it develops.


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